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Employees information, education and training details represent one of the cornerstones of health and safety in the workplace. Q-81 HSE WEB APPLICATION HSE WA has a specific module dedicated to the organization, management and consultation of all that concerns the training of employees in compliance with the provisions of the State-Regions Agreement dated 21.12.2011 and 22.02.2012.

The module allows you to manage employees training in a broad sense, not only pertaining to safety at work (e.g. quality, professional qualification, apprenticeship, operating instructions, etc.).

You can create your training course catalogue and manage your educational qualifications combining them dynamically with all the system registries. The Q-81 HSE WEB APPLICATION HSE WA training module provides the user with guided paths that can help him to map needs, skills and research / query of gap analysis. Through the Q-81 HSE WEB APPLICATION ® HSE WA platform you can plan business training starting from an analysis of the employees’ training GAP. The training GAP is intended as the difference between the scheduled training and the training  the employee actually received.

The module will allow you, among other things, to manage automatically:

• class attendance record (based on lesson attendance);

• the creation of employee’s certificates and delivery letters;

• teachers and classrooms management

Through the concept of educational qualifications, any training need as well as many other features can be mapped in detail.


This module allows you to manage the training process, with various levels of detail; it allows you to define the training needs of workers, connect these requirements to their sources, create models of training courses that meet these needs, to be called every time you hold such a course.

The Training module also lets you know in real time the difference between the planned training for a worker and the training actually provided.

Educational qualifications are training needs.

It is possible to connect Educational qualifications (training needs) to all Q-81 master data, which represent the sources that determine such needs.

For example, the Educational qualification "Basic safety training for workers" will be linked to the function "Worker", which is the source of this requirement.

This page of the software allows the management of courses, which includes: attendance registration, classroom, teachers and classes management, compilation of checklists, content definition and much more.

Training gap is the dynamic function that lets you know in real time the difference between planned training for human resources and training actually performed.

This function includes various levels of detail.

The status of the training gap can be analyzed from both the registry of each worker, either through the display of the "State of Education" of the entire company.

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