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What is a Temporary Trial?

A Temporary Trial is an opportunity offered to potential customers to test the Q-81 HSE WEB APP software platform through a demo version, in order to get to know the various features offered.

The demo versions are fully functional, free and allow you to work on all program parts and to carry out all types of evidence and provided prints; the only limitation is the duration of access, equal to 15 days.

To get your login credentials please fill in the following request form, in a timely manner you will receive an e-mail containing the following information:

  • demo version access link;
  • username;
  • password.

The request form must be filled with reliable data, specifying the name of the interested person and indicating  which features you are interested.

Company ethics involves a subsequent telephone contact in order to ensure a successful access; if you should require clarifications, there will be an active assistance with health and safety consultants.

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