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What is a Web Demo?

A web demo is an online presentation of our software platform that takes approximately 45 minutes, made exclusively for you by our sales staff.

During the demo you can see the screen of our technician, who will explain you the features of the Q-81 HSE WEB APP software.

To watch the web demo is necessary to make an appointment and download our free Teamviewer executable software for desktop sharing.

Please fill in the following request form, in a timely manner you will receive an e-mail containing the proposed dates and the download link for our desktop sharing free executable.

The request form must be filled with reliable data, specifying the name of the person who will attend the Q-81 web demo and indicating which features you are interested.

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In order to properly calibrate the web demo you are requesting, please fill in the following form selecting the main aspects you would like to evaluate primarily or that you feel most critical to your organization: