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The module allows you to create sales offers drawing them from the services list.

Each offer can be identified associating it to the Client, the Object and the unique code assigned in Q-81.

Offers can be configured by combining services from different lists; each offer can also be assigned a frequency (useful in case of repetitive contracts) and it is possible the revisions management.

Each offer can also be duplicated, keeping the whole services structure but with a new protocol, so that it can be reconfigured by the user to a different customer.

Sales & Activity allows you to organize bids in different ways (geographic area, commercial area, sales manager etc.) and keep them under control through various details (eg . Status of the offer, the total amount, the global delivery date) .

The offers Printing is automatically edited in word and makes it possible to customize it with the logo and to edit the text.

Bids, once accepted, go to feed Orders container.

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