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This module allows you to manage all accepted sales offers by customers, then them become operational orders.

On the Orders Planning page you can see accepted order list, with their code, customer reference, date of acceptance and activities implementation deadline; Figures with a key role in the project are also identified (commercial, company reference, planner) and total hours to planning.

On a simple way, technical managers can organize services delivery, tasks and subtasks, and assign them to technicians according to their competences.

The orders management flow allows with a few clicks to distribute the assets, defining timing or delegating to the technician how to planning them.

For each service, tasks and subtasks can be assigned an expected end date, so the technical reference knows the priorities and it also allows to assess differences between planned and actual order timing.

It is possible to use ‘drag & drop’ to put the activities on technician calendars and this allows to deploy quickly commitments to the various resources; specific counters will let you know in real time work saturation levels.

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